About me

My name is Sven Schneider, born on September 28th, 1988, I live in Kiel (Germany, Schleswig-Holstein). Back then as a child (6 years old) I slowly got to know the world of electronic music. When I reached the adolescent age of 14, I really wanted to be a DJ and when I was 15 I bought my first "Numark belt drive" turntable. I was very proud, but I quickly realized that belt drives were not a good choice. Then, after I found out the whole scheme of the turntable, I bought the "Reloop RP 5000" and used it to play a few parties. In 2007 I was active under the code name "BrainShock", this name can still be associated with Hardstyle today. And will continue to exist ...

Since 2017 I have been producing "Marlon White & B-Way" music together with Marlon and since September 2020 with my real brother "Deezac" alias. Dirk Schneider. There will also be many more releases coming out with both guys! There is always something new in the works.

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